The dyeing machines are basically made of stainless steel. The equipment has the advantages of easy speed control and no noise in speed control. It is more suitable for processing seamless underwear, hemp, silk, rayon and stockings of cotton and blended fabrics. material. The paddles mainly exhibit positive and negative directions of mixing the dye liquor, so that the dyeing can appear as a floating dyeing condition. The entire dyeing is also very uniform and the permeation power is relatively strong, and will not cause any damage to the dyeing.
Because the dyeing machine is suitable for the bleaching, washing, dyeing and scouring of garments such as acrylics, sweaters, and cotton sweaters, of course, socks, gloves, towels, and other daily necessities can also be bleached and used in a wide range of applications. A dyeing machine, and the dyeing machine can also be automatically timed to complete the positive and negative cycle mixing work, even if the small dyeing machine can also be used for three different color samples of dyeing.
The dyeing machine is also more suitable for the processing of gloves, seamless underwear, nylon socks, sweaters and blended knitted fabrics. The whole operation process is very safe and reliable, without any noise, zero The service life of components is also very long.
High-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machines are more suitable for dyeing and finishing materials such as fabrics and yarns, and are more uniform after dyeing, but are not suitable for dyeing flowers.
The application of printing and dyeing equipment has brought great convenience to our work. As a dyeing machine supplier. Our company is dedicated to provide you with satisfactory service.




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