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Open Food Source is a free software that provides food hubs with web-based management and logistical support for their sales operations purpose. This website provides a central access point and communications hub for Open food source users and developers and for the Open food source. Local food advocates work hard to create a more transparent food system for the restaurants.  We believe the technologies that power the local food movement should support those principles in practice. Introducing Open Food Source which is a web-based open source software system that coordinates and manages local food systems where many producers sell to many customers in an online in a 24/7 marketplace.


Unlike many online ordering systems, open food source is based on markets which have specific ordering periods followed by coordinated all-at-once delivery of products. Typically, shoppers will have from one day to several weeks to order the  products. Then producers have from one to several days to prepare goods for the delivery. Finally, products are delivered to customers by a variety of modes which varies from local implementation and policy. It is a subscription-based solutions, Open Food Source is a stand-alone package that can be installed on an organization’s own web site and managed by local personnel to serve the specific needs of its members via Open Food-managed installs, based on the financial and technological needs of the market. Open food source costs nothing to use and puts all control in the hands of those who decide to use and develop it . Because it costs time and money to produce, all support  whether with money or through actions it is greatly appreciated.

The open food sourceis a joint community of software developers, users, and other interested parties who work together to provide local food networks and food hubs with tools, technologies and other value-added products and services that meet their needs for day to day life



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