It is simply untrue that a big faction is needed to get interest. Look at all other bossing updates, even look at the original god wars dungeon where bandos and armadyl were virtually unknown. This is a false impression that should be FIFA Coins corrected immediately. God Wars Dungeon 2 already has hype without any mention of the factions involved. It does not need one of the big factions involved to be popular. The opposite is true.


This is the perfect opportunity to give some of the smaller factions the spotlight as bossing is probably the biggest way to get attention. If anything, from people I rsquo;ve spoke with including some of the big factions will kill the hype as it just looks repetitive and like the update will not be original compared to the original God Wars Dungeon.OriginalityThe original God Wars Dungeon was great. But so are other things. This update has already been voted for and has hype.


Now is the time for new things new features that will define this next era of PvM.Mechanics, kill counts, creatures, bosses, the dungeon itself this is a fantastic arena to try out new original ideas. We all know how the old dungeon works but this dungeon can be completely different.Maybe the environment is now a factor. Who says only one skill is needed to open the doors to the boss rooms? Perhaps the location is a new place as well.


There is also the assumption it is a physical dungeon why not a volcano, rift, different dimension rect? Kill count doesn rsquo;t have to work the same. There rsquo;s no rule it has to be 40 and creatures of that faction. Some tougher Buy FIFA Mobile Coins mini boss creatures might even count for  ltiple kill count rect. There are lots of ideas out there and I rsquo;m sure you might have some. So why stick to the old ways, when people want to see this fresh ideas?This is probably the biggest thing to happen to bossing since the original God Wars Dungeon.