The dyeing machines are basically made of stainless steel. The equipment has the advantages of easy speed control and no noise in speed control. It is more suitable for processing seamless underwear, hemp, silk, rayon and stockings of cotton and blended fabrics. material. The paddles mainly exhibit positive and negative directions of mixing the dye liquor, so that the dyeing can appear as a floating dyeing condition. The entire dyeing is also very uniform and the permeation power is relatively strong, and will not cause any damage to the dyeing.
Because the dyeing machine is suitable for the bleaching, washing, dyeing and scouring of garments such as acrylics, sweaters, and cotton sweaters, of course, socks, gloves, towels, and other daily necessities can also be bleached and used in a wide range of applications. A dyeing machine, and the dyeing machine can also be automatically timed to complete the positive and negative cycle mixing work, even if the small dyeing machine can also be used for three different color samples of dyeing.
The dyeing machine is also more suitable for the processing of gloves, seamless underwear, nylon socks, sweaters and blended knitted fabrics. The whole operation process is very safe and reliable, without any noise, zero The service life of components is also very long.
High-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machines are more suitable for dyeing and finishing materials such as fabrics and yarns, and are more uniform after dyeing, but are not suitable for dyeing flowers.
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Dyeing machine is a kind of dyeing equipment that can adapt to a wide range of applications. High-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machines often cause color flowers, stains, stains, etc. due to improper process operation and poor operation. Therefore, the following matters should be noted when dyeing:
First, the modulation of dye liquor. When modulating the dyeing solution, the dye should be slurried with a small amount of cold water, and then diluted with room temperature water. Note that the dilution water temperature can not be too high, higher than 60 degrees, disperse stained quilt damage, and coagulation, dye removal Modulation, can also be used for flour modulation method, that is, under high-speed stirring the dye slowly diffused into cold water, dye bath after preparation should not be long home. With the need to stir slowly with a stirrer to prevent precipitation.
Second, the choice of dyes Dyeing as far as possible to use the proliferation and leveling of good varieties, spelling color should be used when the dyeing properties are close to the dye.
Third, restore cleaning. Restoration cleaning is an important part of removing floating color. After reduction and cleaning, the color is slightly lighter. At the same time, both the rubbing fastness and the light fastness are improved.
Fourth, the tar spot is a viscous substance formed in the dye bath, and the main component is the dye dispersant and the polyester oligomer. Polyester oligomers are polyester polycondensation, it will seep from the fibers in the dyeing process in the high temperature for a long time and adhere to the fiber surface.
    The measures to prevent tar spots are:
    1. Strengthen fabric pretreatment.
    2, increase the dyeing bath ratio.
    3, the application of high temperature and high pressure dispersant.
    4, using high-temperature drainage, to avoid the crystallization of the dye after cooling.
    5, shorten the equipment cleaning cycle.
In short, the application of printing and dyeing equipment has brought great convenience to our work. At the same time we are also 
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