I take my hat off to the minister for having such courage. But allow me to pull him back to life and reality even though, as a result of the ambitious National Football Development Plan launched recently, Malaysia could eventually climb out of poe marketplace the doldrums; even though there are at the moment alone at least 10 stadiums throughout the country with seating capacities of above 35,000; and even though Malaysia has become a specialist of sorts in hosting events.


One reason is of course the cost factor which Khairy himself has readily acknowledged. Brazil is said to have spent US$11 billion (RM35 billion) to stage this World Cup and the opening ceremony alone cost nearly RM30 million. Maybe the returns could be worth it and the sponsorships would lighten the burden. But I still maintain that the main challenge lies not in any of the above. Rather the clash of cultures — the delightful women spectators and the street parties, for the World Cup is not the World Cup without the colours in the stands, without the bouncy samba that goes along with the vibrant women fans.


Are we ready for that kind of scene, knowing how conservative our society can be? What we are watching on television night after night is no different from previous World Cup telecasts. The action on the pitch, plus the razzle dazzle in the stands displayed by the girl supporters from Brazil, the Netherlands, Italy, Colombia and the rest when their team play provide the right hoopla. They would dress as they think fit because that is what they would normally do when they watch football in their own homelands. Some of their faces and other parts of their bodies would be painted and they would freely show their emotions along with the men next to them.


Not that I am complaining about this spectacle. Not at all since it is culturally acceptable to them and the world has different value systems. But is our society in general okay with this? Will there be demonstrations and signature campaigns by sections of buy poe currency the community who would be offended? Some people could even insist a segregation of the sexes in the stadiums. Another possibility arising out of this clash of cultures could also lead to dress code signs (just like the ones displayed at the entrance of some government buildings) being placed at the stadium gates.