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However, the 2014 crisis did not see a land and Maple Story Mesos sea blockade as threatened now.In the time since, Qatar repeatedly and strongly denied it funds extremist groups.However, it remains a key financial patron of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and has been the home of exiled Hamas official Khaled Mashaal since 2012.

Western officials also have accused Qatar of allowing or even encouraging funding of Sunni extremists like al-Qaida's branch in Syria, once known as the Nusra Front.The crisis also comes after US President Donald Trump's recent visit to Saudi Arabia for a summit with Arab leaders. Since the meeting, unrest in the region has grown.In a speech in Riyadh last month.

rump urged Muslim leaders from the Gulf and further afield to 'drive out' extremists and 'terrorists', as Sunni jihadists carry out attacks in many countries. But he also named Iran for allegedly fuelling "the fires of sectarian conflict and terror", echoing views long articulated by Saudi Arabia. 

A split between Doha and its closest allies best MS Mesos site can have repercussions around the Middle East, where Gulf states have used their financial and political power to influence events in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.Regional powerhouse Turkey, an ally of both the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar, urged dialogue to resolve the spat. 



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