Wholesale swimwearwas scouted while being pictured in a bikini as part of a body confidence exercise.

Swimwear manufacturer China features in swimwear brand latest catalogue after a beach photoshoot with models in their late teens and early 20s.

Jenny, whose husband Peter died last year, said: “Women should feel confident about their bodies no matter their age,wholesale halloween costumes  ."

“There’s no such thing as a typical 70-year-old these days.

"I feel 55 at heart. A lot of it is outlook on life. I like to look nice.”

The wardrobe malfunction happened at the Aguaclara Swimwear show during Miami Swim Week last month.

It comes as a video has gone viral of fellow model Ashley Sky’s mind-blowing performance along the runway.

And another model bared all in a see-through outfit along the catwalk.

It moves to expose her nipple to the watching crowds.

She tries to move the dress to cover her assets, but the material slips again.

Ever a pro, she continues down the catwalk as she again shifts the dress and this time manages to get her boobs back inside the outfit.



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