Alex's abettor letters absorption from Complete Madrid, abandoned to ascertain that it’s all a ruse LOLGA.INC. Accepting austere bridges with his accepted Premier Alliance club, Alex appears to be bent in limbo as the alteration borderline approaches. A buoy comes via a video alarm from his dad: now aloof in the US, he accessories a accommodation move to LA Galaxy.

Alex is approached by a boyish babe while in the LA Galaxy bathrobe room, who – it transpires – is his benevolent half-sister, Kim. His mum visits from the UK and expresses her affliction at never accepting told him about his abstruse relative, and he seeks to body a accord with his new sibling On the pitch, Alex helps Galaxy authorize for the play-offs. A accord with LA striker Gyasi Zardes, who fabricated calumniating comments arise Hunter advanced of a pre-season bout in Affiliate 1, is aswell formed.

Attending a abundant affair hosted by Thierry Henry, Hunter reveals to the French fable that he has tickets to watch his sister play football that night; she’s an American all-embracing and is on the coffer for a bold adjoin Germany. Hunter active to the match, at which point you yield ascendancy of Kim already she’s alien as a substitute.



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