The main classification filter is divided into gravity filter , vacuum filter and pressure filter according to the method of obtaining the filtration driving force . Gravity is the driving force of filtration by means of the gravity and differential pressure of the suspension on the filter medium , which is generally intermittent operation , such as a sander . Vacuum forms a negative pressure in / on the outlet of the filtrate as a driving force for filtration . The absolute vacuum pressure in / on the industrial vacuum filter is (2.5 to 8.0 ) × 105 Pa . The temperature of the suspension during filtration should be lower than the vaporization temperature of the filtrate under operating vacuum . This filter is divided into two kinds of intermittent operation and continuous operation . A batch-operated vacuums / vacuumed filter filters various concentrations of the suspension . The vacuum filter is filled with a suspension in the container housing . The Cartridge filter housing leaves with filter cloths on both side are immersed in the suspension , and the inner space of the filter leaflet's communicates with the vacuum system . After the filtrate is sucked out , it is led out of the pipe and the filter residue accumulated on the surface of the filter blade is removed after shutdown . Continuously operated vacuum filters are suitable for filtering thick suspensions containing more solider particles . The drum vacuum filter , the inner filter drum vacuum filter , the disc vacuum filter , and the tipping vacuum filter operate in a similar manner . The entire filter surface is divided into a plurality of separated filter chambers , and each of the rotary filter chambers are connected to each fixed pipe through a distribution valve in order to suck out the filtrate , washing liquid , or compressed air in the filter chamber . Each filtration chamber completes the whole process of filtration operation by one revolution , and the filtration of multiple filtration chambers forms a continuous filtration . The structure of the belt vacuum fil



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