For the new stadium installation, a fully recyclable football field is still being developed. According to statistics, the growth rate of the artificial turf surface will be increased by 10% each year from 2015 to 2018. There are regional differences in the life expectancy of artificial turf, such as in China, where the average life expectancy is only five years, compared with 10 in other places.

In addition, because hockey fields use artificial turf earlier than other sports, the replacement market for non-contact sports is earlier than the contact sports. There is a significant difference between regions, with lower turf replacement rates in the Near East and South America markets. 98% market is now being replaced by artificial turf. This is very beneficial for the artificial grass market, but how to deal with the problems for disposal of artificial turf surface?

Disposal by landfill. This is increasingly expensive and is not first choice in many areas. For example, the EU Council directive on landfills on April 26, 1999 indicated to minimize the negative impact of landfills on the environment, especially surface water, groundwater, soil and air pollution, as well as about the global environment, including the greenhouse effect, as well as any risk to human health.

Incineration. Energy recovery is a viable option, but processing capacity will be a problem because the amount of artificial turf is increasing rapidly.

Separate the turf from the infill. It is best to do it on site and re-use the separate infill (quartz sand and rubber particles) in a new installation or elsewhere.

The available polymer is separated from the back. The polymer grass is cleaned and processed into polymer particles that can be used for other applications in the turf, and the residual coated main back is burned. This method has been used by many artificial grass manufacturers.

In the construction of any new site, you should take into account the problem of artificial turf replacement. It is not a matter of waiting until the artificial turf has become useless.