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FCL transportation service
In land transportation, according to the loading requirements of the customers, there is often one type of loading that is FCL. Our oulian company will provide our customers with detailed information on our FCL transportation services as follow.

FCL : container
For full container shipment : direct picking up container from container yard and loading the goods from our warehouse , and send back to port for customs clearance , then load on board.

FCL transportation service is the most common type of loading mode. You’ll need to determine your shipping volume in order to make an informed decision here. Any shipment equal to at least half of a container is considered a full container load (FCL), keeping in mind that a 20-foot container can hold 10 standard pallets, while a 40-foot container ships 22 standard pallets.

FCL transportation service is also the best way to avoid any risk of damage to your goods that may be caused by contact with other exporters’ merchandise, FCL is faster than LCL, once cargos have been loading that ships can set out.

We ask our drivers to pick up good and clean container with no smell , drivers will also check whether containers are in good condition and no smell when lifting them .
Our land transportation service is really professional, which not only own sophisticated international logistics delivery team but have skilled goods trackers to ensure the goods ship to destination safely . If you are interest in our FCL transportation service, please contact with us.
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