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Simply select and buy the MS2 Mesos ones you want and your personality will start to wear them once you return to the entire world. You may need plenty of Meret though if you're planning a shopping spree. You can now head out on experiences, knowing for sure that your friends will be impressed by what you are wearing.

MapleStory two is a vibrant and varied MMORPG that sees you and some friends head out from the match world to undertake the powerful enemies and complete missions. The game has been available in South Korea because 2015, but it's eventually making its way to the West. It is now in closed beta, and you're unable to find access now if you are new, but a great deal of people are testing for bugs until its entire release.

Since you're likely to be heading out on adventures with different gamers, you will surely want to make sure your character looks the part. Thankfully, you are able to alter how your character looks, with the hairstyle likely being among the first ports of call. Here's how you change a character's hairstyle at MapleStory 2.

To start with, you'll need to click on the tab at the bottom right of the screen to reach the life skills box. Hover your mouse over it so that you could locate the beauty salon tab. Once you've found it visit this page and picked it, you will be brought over to the MapleStory 2 salon where your character can get a new hairstyle. Simply pick the one you want your character to have, and it'll be active once you go back to the match.